Salam sisters, Do you know what is the ruling on single mothers in regards of donating for Qurbani. I’ve been doing to the fullest previous years but this year is so stressful and I’m struggling financially. Side note: children’s father is absent and there is no financial support for kids. I’m a sole provider.
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I can ask my dad and get back to you!

You need to do the Islam calculation I did mine and I have to do it X

But if you are struggling it does say it’s not required

Hope that clarifies it

So if you own say more than nearly 400 quid at this moment on time then you would be eligible to give Qurbani

Is it like £20 would be ok to give through charity for Qurbani? I don’t have any savings, literally from salary to salary and most of the times I’m using my overdraft and sometimes asking someone to borrow

Yes £20 is fine

If you don’t have more than 400 pounds then you’re not eligible to pay it and leave it till you meet the above criteria. Instead give sadqah if you can afford too as these days of dhul hijjah are very rewarding so give the 20 as sadqah instead my advice to you sis xx

Thank you everyone 💟

Sorry I was meant to reply got busy with Eid

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