How many hours between your baby waking in the morning and then going down for their night sleep?

My baby tends to do 14 and then gets fussy wanting just wondering what others are?
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My baby woke at 9 this morning and is down now for the night at 6.30 🫣 she’s lazy lol

We were 8:30 this morning and will be going down within the hour. Normally 12 hours after waking

I'd say we're out of bed for 14 hours but he naps lots xx

Its about 14 for us as well with 3-4 naps. But then sleeps all night

She is up around 9 am and back down around 8/9pm so roughly 12 hours.

Baby is up between 6-7 goes down between 8-9 x

12 hours asleep at night and 12 hours awake with about 2 hours worth of naps

8pm Bedtime and awake between 7am and 8am. Sleeps through the night. Naps 3 to 4 times a day.

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