Ketones !!!

I went to the doctors today and they did a urine test and informed me that I have severely high ketones, I've got to go back in the morning at 11:40 so they can test for it again but I'm really worried I've been reading online and it's making me panic quite a bit she said that if I do end up passing out or feeling really faint to go straight to A&E and to have fluids I have had a little bit of sickness but nothing like I have in my previous pregnancy 😭 Does anyone have any experience with this x
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Yes! Keytones is just a way of checking how dehydrated you are due to sickness etc! I used to always have high keytones as I had HG in last pregnancy! They used to give me fluids via IV and that would help! Nothing to worry about if you’re being sick and not able to eat drink that could be the reason they are high!

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