Breastfeeding to formula

Hey! My baby is currently 4 weeks old and to start with I was exclusively breast feeding but then decided to do a combination with breast feeding and formula. However I’m almost finding this more difficult?! I’m considering just going formula but wondered if anyone had any advice/suggestions? Thank you!x
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I say do what you think is best lovely. You’re the mum at the end of the day and you need to do what is best for you to keep your energy up for your baby. I used to breastfeed and had to give him top ups of the little ready to feed formula bottles bcos he was a small baby then I started combination feeding and now I’ve just moved to formula so 95% of the time I’m feeding him formula as it is easier for the both of us because he started struggling to latch on as he was so used to the bottle. Like I said do what you feel is best, either way your baby is being fed and that’s all that matters ☺️ x

I'm doing both I only pump 2 times a day and have him latch 2 times a day but I mix my milk with the formula and it works wonders for me it gives othes the chance to feed him when I can't

@Aysha thank you so much 🫶

Do whats best for you and your family, if 100% formula is your best option then just do that ❤️

@Courtney thank you❤️

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