Baby shower planning!

I’m planning my baby shower with the help of my mum and jacks mum.. it’s stressful how do I decide a theme?! And how on earth do you find and create invites that aren’t going to cost loads 🫣
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Would you consider just a digital invite or would you prefer physical? If you don’t mind digital canva is the way to go! And in terms of the theme have a look on Pinterest for ideas!

Olivia Samuel 20 x Baby Shower Party Invites - Ready to Write with Envelopes - Botanicals Design. Designed and Printed in the UK If you’re not fussed on creating the invite yourselves you can have a look at ready made ones on Amazon or pop into hobby craft and make a bunch. Maybe write out & print off the info of the baby shower and stick the paper on to some pretty coloured card and get some envelopes. Depends how creative you want to get!

I’d go and have a look on Canva ! There’s a lot of free templates and you just need to edit/change the information - it’ll only be the printing you’d have to cost for xx

I just made an event on Facebook and put all the details on there and hired a room and did afternoon tea, was 10 of us. Everybody paid for themselves, theme was “baby bear” as we didn’t know baby’s gender at the time and we only really had a few balloons and games. It is what you make it, my baby shower was 2 years ago today 🥹 now I’m planning another

Thank you girls!! 🫶🩷

If you have or can get a free trial of photoshop you can make invites there. Hubs and I did the exact thing for our wedding invititations then just sent the folder to some retailer online and they printed it on a nice invitation paper, we had around 20 pieces and paid around £12. Now he's doing the same for our joint bday party and baby shower later on. But these we won't print, just send it to people's whatsapp. Our shower will be at friend's house as we have a tiny flat and I am not paying for a venue. It will be a garden party, no alcohol as it's baby shower and 15-20 people. We'll buy some easy to eat foods, prepare some spreads for breads, veggie, fruits and cupcakes or a cake. 2 games, done. No theme. Just a garden party, will get some baloons and that's it.

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