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Baby is 5 weeks old. I’m supposed to go back to work when he turns 9 weeks, and I just don’t think I can do it. He has a minor tie dentist didn’t feel it needed to be released, but instead referred to PR, but they can’t see him for over a month. He is EBF. At night, he’s perfect. Up every 3 hours, eats 45 min, goes back to sleep. During the day, will not leave the boob; spends most of his awake windows fussy or crying. Will fall asleep at the boob or while im burping. I’ll transfer him, and I get less than 5 min before he’s screaming again. Starts the minute we get up for the day and goes until 8pm and then he starts eating every 3 hours and sleeps in between just fine. Pediatrician said she doesn’t think it’s colic.
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Are you able to call your county’s WIC office? Almost all of them will have a certified lactation consultant that may be able to help you, they’ve been extremely helpful for my own BF journey.

We just had our baby's tongue tie laser corrected last week and it's made a big difference in his fussiness and crying now that he can feed more effectively. We were told it was only a minor tie by our midwife, but when we saw a lactation consultant their evaluation was that it was thick and likely causing issues with his feeding that was leading to him not gaining weight and having issues with his latch. He had the same issue with falling asleep at the boob, always wanting to nurse, he wasn't getting enough milk. My supply is low because I was using nipple shields to deal with how his latch was hurting me, but apparently that affects proper nipple stimulation and doesn't actually improve latch, just the pain. We're supplementing with formula for now while I get my supply up. I definitely recommend seeing a lactation consultant. They helped identify and correct the tongue tie and provided guidance for how to improve feeding overall. Our baby is so much more chill now that he's not hungry all the time.

Does your job allow an extension if your doctor recommends it? If you’re struggling with ppd maybe you can have more time

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