Hi guys, i’ve just been told i’m being induced on thursday and im so scared! Anyone got any positive induction stories? How long did it all take?
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Meee I was induced at 33 weeks because my baby had IUGR. I came in on Christmas day and had him the day after. I forgot the name but they gave me a pill that i just let melt under my tongue every few hours. They also put a cervix ballon in me to help speed everything up! I had babyboy around 24 hours after they started inducing me. I had a vaginal birth (although they told me a c-section was a possibility due to being induced).

I was induced on a Thursday morning, had baby by the Friday afternoon and went home on the Friday night. Had gas and air, paracetamol and codine, no other interventions. Contractions were painful but I’d do it all over again. Looking back it was an amazing experience to be honest!

@Mary ooo i’ve not heard of the pill, she didn’t really discuss what type of things they will be doing so i’m assuming ill have that discussion with the midwife when i go in to get it done? and im most worried about it having to turn into a c-section! 24 hours seems pretty okay though! how is your little one doing now?

@Leanne wow that’s super fast! thank you for this, made me feel a little less worried 😄😄

Babyboy did good, he had low blood sugar (because of his low weight was only 5 lbs 3 ounces) he stayed in the nicu for 3 days; other than that he has been perfect :). C section is only if baby can’t handle contractions though. I wish you and your baby a happy delivery

@Mary aw that’s amazing considering how early he was!! so glad he’s doing good! thank you so much :))

@Kelsey just on the c section point my induction was extremely long (I had the 24h pessary and the 3x gel pessaries). I won’t give the overall time as I’m not sure it would seem positive since that’s what you’re looking for but I had a vaginal delivery and would do it all over again. There wasn’t any pressure of a c section or mention of it until the very end when I had been actively pushing for an hour and at that point they were considering the overall length of time but I delivered him myself. I had no amniotic fluid left so had to be induced. The worst part about the length of time was just the feeling that it wasn’t working but the fourth got things moving and I went to the labour ward on 2cm and hooked up to the drip and he arrived within 8 hours. I would do it all over again tomorrow even if I had to be induced again.

I was induced in April 23 at 38+4 due to reduced movements and had a really positive fast induction- first time mum too! I was already 3cm dilated so my waters were broken at 11pm on the saturday night and drip started at the same time.. our girl was born at 7am on Sunday morning, so 8 hours from my waters breaking to birth 🙂 I did need forceps because she was struggling to stay down but she was born a very tiny 5lbs1, forceps terrified me but i had no complications and my recovery was so straight forward, baby had the smallest mark on her eyebrow and it faded in. We had to stay 24 hours but only because of my gestational diabetes..

I had a really positive experience. I was 39+6 when induced. They booked me in for one on the 22nd Jan, they called me first thing that morning and got me in for 10am and started me with the propess pessary for 24hrs, on the 23rd they gave me a strong gel to help move things along that stayed in for 6 hours then they gave me another gel. On the 24th they said I could get my waters broke so I was down on the labour ward at 12pm lunchtime and they broke them. Started having strong contractions on the hormone drip all throughout that afternoon and evening. At 10pm that night I was 4cm dilated then at 01:15am I was crowning! So all the midwives came rushing in as nobody had checked me since 10pm. Baby girl was born 10 mins later after 5 pushes!! I had an episiotomy due to them needing to get her out fast as the cord was wrapped around her neck. Really happy with my experience! Just take some things to keep you occupied as it can take a few days sometimes xx

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