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My 4 month old has red raw armpits. Does anyones little ones have red armpits? Can you put anything on it? TIA
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Does it look like baby thrush? Are they red raw and shiny? You can use canesten and n it if so xxx

Yes, where the folds are. Just make sure you always wash them well in the bath, then dry well, put sudocream. That's all 😊

Yes mine had one armpit like this, I bathed her, dried her and put talc on there and then put some metamium cream on there and it was completely gone the next morning x

my little girl had this and it turned out to be eczema! I’ve been using aveeno baby dermax and it’s really helped ☺️

I would suggest sudocrem and maybe even metanium for the first time. It’s strong though so only do it once I’d say. Then stick to sudocrem. Mine gets it in her neck folds lol.

Try metanium and if that doesnt help go and see the Dr, my little boy had something similar on his bum when he was a few weeks old which we thought was just a bad rash as he wouldn't stop pooing, turned out to be thrush which cleared up fairly quick with a cream he had prescribed

Take them to the GP instead of the various suggestions above.. our LO is on antibiotics for similar x

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