Hen do outfit dilemma!

I will be 29 weeks next Tuesday & I have my hen do on the Saturday 22nd anyone got any suggestions of what to wear 😂🙈 I’m getting quite big!
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Get yourself a wee maternity dress from shien!!! Can’t go wrong if it gets ruined on the night but can’t imagine it’ll be you drinking but also a maternity dress Defos allows room for baby!! Xx 😆

@Charlotte Asos maternity is on sale at the moment too x

I got some lovely dresses off vinted too - cant quite justify paying full price for something I'll only wear once or twice but you can get some really good quality clothes for a bargain

Clubl maternity range is beautiful xx

@Antonia yes LOVE vinted I got my pregnancy pillow for £7 and all my mat jeans

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