Would anyone around brighton/Hove want to do a meet up soon?

I'd love to get together with a few mums and just have a walk/coffee and have a chat 🙂
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I see you’re in Hangleton?!

@Dominika Yeah, just by the grenadier, are you close?

I’m keen :)

Yes I am actually x

I’m interested 🥰

I would be up for this!

I’d be interested 🙂

Is Friday the 28th okay for everyone? We could meet at the jubilee library?

Keen as well. And Friday 28th works!

Actually leave for holiday that day, but will def be up for the next one!

Our babies are pretty much the same age! I’d love to meet xx

Would around midday on the 28th work? Hopefully we can organise another date after so more people can come

Mid-day sounds good. We usually go to the Milk Clinic at Tarner Family hub for weighing every Friday. The clinic is between 10-12. So should be available after that

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