Uneven milk supply

My right boob always makes soo much more milk than me left boob! I latch my baby on both sides to encourage milk.. my let down on my right boob is also usually so strong that my son chokes really badly. So I end up latching him on my left breast while I pump on my right breast. I don't know if that's causing my right side to produce more. I've started latching him on my right side after I pump and pumping on my left hoping that'll help. Did anyone else experience uneven milk supply and what helped you??
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This could simply be that one breast produces less than the other. My left has a storage capacity of 2 ounces regardless of the time lapsed. Whereas my right best has a capacity of 4.5 ounces maximum. Usually though the breast you breastfeed best and most from

Very normal! My right is exactly 1oz behind my left, every single time.

Same. It's called a slacker boob, and mine is also my left.

Wow 2nd baby and I had never heard of slacker boob! 😆 but it makes sense our bodies aren't "perfect" I thought I was doing something wrong to make it sooo uneven

@Mish Elle no, suuuuper common

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