Maternity Allowance

Hi, I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant and debating if to go onto maternity leave now as my work is very hands on, starting to struggle. As a single person… how am I expected to live on £184 a week when running a house? This will not cover bills etc! Is there any help? I know I can get more once my baby is here but what can I do in the mean time?
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Did you try claim universal credit?

@Mouna I’m going to enquire about that tomorrow as unsure I’ve done benefit calculators and saying not entitled as the £184 a week is plenty

I’ll get the same, the only thing is I’ll try to stay at work as much as I can even tho I’m struggling (32 weeks) I can’t anymore

@Mouna I’m only a contractor and don’t have an actual contract and they haven’t had work for me the past 3 days which is really annoying now as I’ve never had an issue only till now x

I’m pretty sure if your only on 184 a week your entitled to universal credit as that is classed as a low income? Do you claim your child benefit aswell? I would ring them and make a claim. Or go into the job centre and do it! I’m also pretty sure that I your entitlement to universal credit they may give you an advance payment before your first universal credit payment aswell which you pay back out of the UC payments!

@Courtney I haven’t claimed for anything as yet I’m going to head to the job centre tomorrow and see what I’m entitled too as I have no clue never done any of this before. My baby isn’t due until 9th July x

But if your currently earning a wage whilst on maternity which isn’t classed and a low income you may not be entitled to universal credit until your maternity pay drops xx

If you claim maternity allowance it’s unfortunately deducted as full from any universal credit. So say you are entitled to £600 a month universal credit but you get £732 a month maternity allowance you’re universal credit will be reduced to £0 as MA is classed as a benefit xx

@Tamsin thank you! Idk how that is lovable when I have a mortgage to pay and bills on top 😂😭

@Courtney I’m only a contractor and planning on leaving work to go on maternity before I’m due which wasn’t what I wanted to do but work doesn’t have much work on atm x

@Souad we have the same due date! ☺️

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