How many times to BD during surge?

Does anyone know or have experience if having sex twice a day during your surge helps with getting pregnant? I assume once a day is sufficient a few days prior, the day of and a few days after but not sure if twice per day on surge days helps? Let me know your thoughts!
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Having sex twice a day is too much, it weakens the sperm. Once a day at max. You can start 5 days before you ovulate and 1-2 days after Sperm can live up to 5 days in you.. and you can ovulate 8-20 hours after your peak Last time I got pregnant, we had sex 2 times haha

Id recommend looking at the SMEP method ☺️ i gave it a try last cycle and fell pregnant! Have sex every other day until your peak, once you get your peak then have sex that day and two days after to cover ovulation. They say dont need to have sex twice a day as it lowers sperm quality.

We did ever second day and I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant :)

@Michelle congratulations! Thank you for the advice!

@Victoria congratulations!!! This is pretty much what we have been doing. Hope it sticks!

@Sarah congratulations!! So glad this worked for you!

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