Getting rid of dummy

We use the dummy all the time to soothe him, he uses it for naps and bedtime the most. The last 3 nights he had been taking the dummy out and I think it’s because he’s learnt I will come back in the room if he does. I’m trying tonight with no dummy as it’s getting exhausting. I’m very nervous but currently no crying just lots of rolling around in his crib. Is this the right decision? I’m so nervous
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My girl is doing this at the moment, I think it’s more to do with the fact she’s getting used to using her hands and will pull it out but when I watch her she tries to put it back in but isn’t able to do it correctly yet. Is your baby spitting it out or pulling it out? X

I went cold turkey on the dummy yesterday morning after the same, he kept knocking it or pulling it out and then I’d reinsert it and we’d play this game for 20 mins before he slept! He’s had his dummy since night 1 in the hospital so I was really worried. It’s been a bit of an adjustment but way less hard than I thought it would be!

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