Raspberry leaf tea

Advice please! Is it worth it? When to start? Are any of the other brands as good as the hottea mama? Thankyou!
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I’ve got Hottea mama and it says on the box you can start from 32 weeks. I started at 35 weeks x

@Souad there’s alot of controversy around it , my midwife said 36 but im 34 this week so thought id go down the middle. I just really begrudge paying £6 a box!!

Can’t say if it’s worth it in terms of working as I couldn’t drink enough for any result I’m sure. I hated it, found it disgusting even hidden in things. I don’t like tea in general so it may be different if you do, but personally wasn’t worth it for me as I could not stand the stuff. As for when to start, I was he adult advised not to start before 37 weeks so that’s when I started but others start from a lot earlier

Heavily* not he adult 🤦🏼‍♀️

@Vic I know well I did some some different boxes in Holland and barret which was half the price x

@Meg this is the other thing, i havent seen one person say they like it 🤣🤣 but just been out and bought some pineapple and cranberry juice as ive seen people mix mocktails. Im definitely coffee over tea but this is another reason i dont fancy paying the hot tea mama one!

I went to Holland and barret and they said that's the best one out there. I mix it with a fruit tea I like and I like it over ice. X

@Vic yeah I thought how bad can it be, I’m sure I can just guzzle it down or hide it in something but nope, pregnancy tastebuds are something else 😂😂 that sounds good! Supposedly pineapple is supposed to help too! yeah I bought mine off of Amazon because it had great reviews and even said it tasted better than others, how bad are the others is what I want to know 😂

I drank it from about 34 weeks I think, drank it every day, increasing to two a day etc.. baby was over a week late and I was in labour for 48 hours 😂 so it definitely didn’t work for me

@Caitlin fabulous 😂

@Caitlin I was the same as u had it 3 times a day from 34 weeks had the most traumatic induction resulting in emergency c section 😩

CS* not cds 😂😂 my autocorrect tonight🤦🏼‍♀️

Im buying some tomorrow 😬😬😬

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