Changing child's last name

My bf and I have been together for about 3 or 4 years now. We've been back and fourth and now we have a 6 month old child. I originally gave our child his last name but have been wanting to change it to my last name until he and I are married. It's been years and we've lived together for a couple years, share everything, etc. I believe he has intentions to eventually marry me but it doesn't seem close and I'm not so sure if I want to marry him anymore because I've been doing wife duties as a gf most of our relationship. I also am the main provider for our child and I'm not wishing I would've given her my last name.. Thoughts?? Also, what are the laws in MN for this if only one parent agrees to the name change?
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I'm not sure what the laws are about only one parent signing off, but I was told name changes are easiest the first year of the child's life. They misspelled my sons last name on his SSN. I was going to fly with him for Christmas so needed a copy of his birth certificate and they fixed his birth certificate right there, but said I would need to fix his SSN separately (I still need to do that one).

Unfortunately you have to have the signature of the other parent acknowledging the name change

In my case, I might wait until my kids are adults because they do not want their biological father to be involved with the process because of safety issues

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