Felt flutters for the past week and today nothing. Should I go and get checked? Any advice would be great x
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I’m 19weeks 2 days xx

Always call maternity triage if you’re worried about movements x

Movement is likely to be subtle this far along but defo see triage to help you feel more at ease. I’m sure all is well x

Tbh at 19 weeks movements aren’t regular yet and they’re still very small so plenty of places for them to hide so they’ll likely be moving but you just don’t feel it because of their position etc. it can also depend on your placenta position, because I have an anterior placenta I wasn’t feeling regular movements until way over 20 weeks. You can always ring up and see what they say but in my experience they likely wouldn’t see you

It's very normal at this early. Flutters are great, but you won't feel them regularly until they're bigger and stronger, more noticeable kicks, about 21-23 weeks ish, and you won't begin to see a pattern in them until around 25 weeks onwards

Thank you all. Got in touch with hospital and they’ve offered me to come in for a peace of mind. Feel a lot better now xx

@Jess mine is posterior lovely xx

All good!! 155bpm 🤍

@Louisa perfect! X

I didn’t even feel my baby until around 22 weeks and only in the past 2-3 weeks have her movements become regular and I’m 30 weeks now 🙈

It’s crazy isn’t it ! @Lauryn im just a stress head hahaha x

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