Getting Induced

FTM and I am being induced Thursday Morning (very excited to meet my girl). Any recommendations or things you wish you knew going into your first induction?
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Remember that it could take some time, bring your own pillow and blanket, try to rest/sleep as much as you can(its hard)

Me to girl I’m nervous

I don’t mean to be negative but sleeping without an epidural is nearly impossible. As soon as cramping/contractions started for me and they told me I needed to rest to be able to possibly push in the morning…I said to please bring the anesthesiologist, I need a word with him😅. I was able to rest. By the time my water broke and I was fully dilated, the epidural had already worn off quite a bit and I could feel the contractions painlessly. I was also, unfortunately, cut open(episiotomy) due to my baby girls big ole head causing too much bleeding and needing more space to come out. I just wasn’t spontaneously ripping on my own. Overall, a pleasant experience for myself.

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