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My 5 month old has been teething for what appears to be weeks - no sign of any teeth yet, but all the symptoms. He has regressed massively with his sleep, including his daytime naps. He will fight me on going to sleep every time - a lot of slaps to the face and scratching (from his end) & When he eventually does succumb to his tiredness he will only be last around 10-20mins unless he is contact napping 🙃 I'm extremely exhausted, and everything I do/try with him lately just isn't good enough. He's been extremely upset most of the day and it's been horrible 😭 I don't know if any of you are experiencing anything similar? Have any suggestions/tips? I sincerely hope that I'm not alone in this, but it sure feels like I am.
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I have no suggestions but writing to let you know you're not alone! Only thing Ive found works for a little while is a walk. He loves watching trees and how they move in the wind. Literally laughs out loud. x

You really aren't alone in this at all my LB the same he has his happy times mainly morning but is a mare to get to sleep contacts naps every sleep x

Your not alone mine is the same. She's 5 months next week, most she naps can be 20-40mins in day. And night time she fights the sleeps until she finally falls into deep sleep

You’re not alone. Every nap time is a full on fight. Then she’s overtired and it affects everything else. No suggestions either. We will be 5 months this week.

You’re not alone ❤️ currently trying to navigate through this myself and it’s absolutely exhausting. I’ve found giving her calpol before bed has really helped to settle her on her bad teething days. I’m feeling super burnt out at the moment as she just wants to be on me constantly for cuddles and contact naps and I’m finding it hard to stop myself from being stressed out about this as she gets so much comfort from me and she’s going through so much at the minute so it’s completely normal for her to want me this much and be so unsettled but it’s just so so tiring. I’ve been using a haakaa teething silicone dummy feeder thing where I can put frozen breastmilk into which she’s really enjoyed chewing on to help with the discomfort.

My LG has gone from having a great routine. Since 2 months she Slept from 7pm to 5am and then went back down until 7:30am. During the day she would happily have her 3 naps including the 2 hours one at lunch - it was great. That's all out of the window now.... she wakes constantly during the night and fights during the day - it's tough!!

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