Flavored yogurt

Is anyone feeding their babies flavored yogurt? I just read that the added sugars in flavored yogurt is bad as it leads to tooth decay. Is anyone taking this with a grain of salt or should we only buy plain yogurt and mix our own fruits into it? Thanks!
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No but we don’t do any added sugars, artificial flavors, artificial colors, no rice based products, non gmo, BPA free packaging. We’re a little crazy about this tho. Babies just don’t need sugar in my opinion it’s not nutritionally beneficial

Meh.. we brush her teeth last thing in the night before she falls asleep so I'm not that concern about sugars.. However she still has a dairy allergy, last time we did yogurt she got so gassy and had a colic.

@Maya it’s nice to see we’re not the only ones super crazy on food products!!

@J yess it’s so important what you feed your body especially little ones!!

We give low sugar Greek yogurt to our baby sometimes. She enjoys it.

It’s probably fine as long as it’s semi healthy

We do plain whole milk yogurt and just add mashed up fruit or cinnamon for flavor.

@Maya @J all about growing their microbiome right💪🏼

Iiterally have been buying organic grass fed plain Greek yogurt throw it in the blender with frozen fruit, and a banana to make it sweet. Like I’ve done Berries + banana Passion fruit pulp + banana Mango + banana I also have thrown some oatmeal and chia seeds overnight to these mixes to make it thicker

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