I feel dumb lol! Footrest on high chair?

It is supposed to be up flat like the first pic (so baby is sitting in an L Shape) or down so she can bend her knees (pic in comments). Baby is 9 months old for reference :)
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The second picture looks right! Baby’s legs should make a 90 degree angle

The fact that it lays flat like they probably means it's not wrong 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ but I think the L shape is more like right lmao. Unless your baby just likes to sit with their legs straight out like that then go for it 😂

It looks more like the first pic is for when bubs is younger and has shorter legs and second pic is when they grow so they have more room

The first picture is how you put the legs when they can’t reach the foot rest when it is down.

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