Baby kicks

Hey everyone! I am 17 weeks and 3 days with my second! Maybe i am delusional but I feel like my first was kicking around by this time. I think I’ve maybe felt him, but super unsure if they were actually flutters or just belly rumbles. Should I be worried? I feel like everyone has been feeling their baby, so I am not sure.
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I wouldn't worry, I'm sure you have felt them or will very soon

You probably did, I felt mine at the end of week 13 (3rd pregnancy) and a hand full of times since then, I’m waiting to be further along like closer to 20 -23 weeks to really expect them consistently. I wouldn’t worry as much it’s pretty common to not feel them as strong this far along .

I felt them at 17 weeks with my son when I was pregnant with him! I’m currently 16 weeks and I swear I’ve been feeling little kicks here and there. You might be feeling them for sure and they’ll only get stronger in the next few weeks

I’m also 17 weeks 3 days and have felt nothing yet I don’t think. Very ready to start feeling them though!

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