Baby measuring small by first measure by midwife

Baby measuring low by midwife and waiting for a scan to check. Has this happened to anyone? I’m 27 weeks on Thursday.
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Me! Don’t let it worry you! I measured small with the midwife every time so had a few extra scans for them to check and ended up being induced at 40 weeks because my last scan measured big!! Baby was born 6lb 13oz. It’s not worth the worry honestly, just enjoy the extra scans of seeing your little one and some more time out of work 😂

Thankyou lovely for replying. glad your little one arrived okay xxx and how your both doing well

My midwife measured me under the 3rd centile but the scan was the 17th centile and they weren't worried 😊

When my midwife measured me she told me they're not supposed to anymore because they do it differently to the hospital. She measured me anyways but just done really faint dots on the chart so the hospital wouldn't know lol

It’s so scary but they aren’t always accurate. I had a consultant tell me my baby was measuring in the 40th percentile and that he would most likely be a 6 pound baby. He was 8lbs 6oz and that same consultant was at the birth and apologised for getting it so wrong. x

Thankyou. Still understanding what centile means. Baby is just way of the chart 📈

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