Pins and Needles

Does anyone else keep getting pins and needles in their feet? It’s happening at least once a day with no reason at all. I can be sat normally and it just kicks in? Before i was pregnant i only ever got them if i’d been sat in a weird position on my foot or something.
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How far are you? Could be pressure on your nerves from water x

I get pins and needles in my hands when I’m sleeping 😅 and not on the arm that I’m lying on either. Super weird.

@Chloe i’m 28 weeks this week x

@Caitlyn I starting with thus!

@Amber same as me! X

@Chloe when’s your due date! x

@Amber 7th September, first baby come on his due date, hoping to go abit early this time, when are you due xx

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