Nursery staff gifts from child moving onto school

My son is leaving nursery soon to start school in August. My son is autistic, and in a mainstream nursery, he needs a lot of support, and even though he has a keyworker, all the nursery staff have been amazing with my son, and all have played a massive part in supporting him during his time there. I am so grateful to them and want to thank all 14 of them with a gift. I have been searching for days, and struggling to find gifts for 14 staff that I can afford. If it's ok to ask, what is everyone else doing for nursery staff gifts? Would love some ideas if anyone can share as I've got so stuck.
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I’m getting a big box of chocolates to share and a card saying Thanku to everyone for their efforts in my sons journey x

Aww they will not be expecting anything as this is their job and the fact you are happy with service they provide will be lovely for them to hear. A written letter thanking them could go a long way (this might be shared with managers above etc) but Biscuits/ chocolates I'm sure would be very much appreciated and not too expensive. If you want to do something personalised maybe buy some flowers and give staff 1 individual and wee chocolate bar or cupcake? Very kind of you xx

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