I’m 33 weeks and at my last appointment my doctor wanted me to start tracking my blood pressure. I’ve been experiencing numbing in both of my calves. Yesterday I started to have headaches I thought it was because I haven’t eaten. I’ve been having headaches now nonstop to the point my eyes hurt. I was on the way to work when I called my doctor being that my headaches keep getting worse. I’ve also been nauseas which I haven’t experienced since the beginning of my pregnancy. They told me to come in because they need to check my blood pressure.
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Don’t worry too much just get to your doctor/L&D immediately and let them treat you . Praying for you guys and I hope things turn out okay.

& I see you’re in ATL. If you need anything I’m close by

@Shani I’m here now waiting to be seen. Thank you so much!

Okay. Keep the post updated!

Oh girly I hope not please keep us updated

Hoping everything is okay 💜 my BP started to get worse at 33 weeks as well. Hoping everything is okay, but don't feel bad for doing what's best for you and baby!

Update* & Thanks for the comments. The doctor said my legs are swollen she recommended I get compression socks. My bp was normal. They did take a urine sample waiting for results to come back. It’s now 11:14 at night I’m still having a bad headache. Hopefully I’m able to make it to work tomorrow because I need all my hours before I have to take all these weeks off. On a good note the consultant was there and I should have my date for my c section next week!

Awesome. I hope things improve for you. I had a period of headaches around my 16 week mark but things turned out alright for me as well. Maybe you need some rest?

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