Lightening crotch

Hey Mummas, I’m almost 37 weeks and oh my gosh lightening crotch has taken over! Anyone else been experiencing this recently?? Had no clue what it was before had to have a little google as I thought it was Braxton hicks! If you do have it is there anything you’ve found that helps??
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I’m 36 and it’s starting to increase! Stops me in my tracks sometimes.. I find sitting and doing circle movements on my exercise ball helps x

I get this, didn’t notice it or remember from two previous pregnancies but this one yes multiple times. Just where the bodies preparing. Horrible feeling. So sharp and right. Down. There. Eeeeek

Is baby engaged? I’m 36 weeks and as he has started to engage I’ve had an increase in it, midwife said it’s normal because the pressure on your pelvis x

I mean it's all good signs if your getting them as it means baby is probably engaged and pushing on the nerves in that area. Mine just seem to be getting worse and I sometimes get one after the other! Never had it with my other two pregnancies but apparently I've got every symptom this time round 😂 Google says it happens more when your sat or laying in one position for too long and to try and move around abit which I find helps a smidge x

Midwife has said that baby is head down and engaged so that makes sense! Didn’t know it’s more common when laying down but I do get it the worse in the night so that that’ll probably be why! It’s so funny your whole pregnancy everyone says oh pain is bad news ect but when you hit the last few weeks I feel like every ache and pain is normal and to be expected 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

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