My daughter is 10.5 months old and she’s recently just started crawling, but it’s not like anything I’ve ever seen before. She has the hang of it, she moves around all over the place but instead of using both of her knees, she’ll only use one knee and have her other leg bent up and use her foot ?? 🤣 so it’s like she’s dragging her other leg along with her. Is this normal?? Should I be worried lol
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Mine crawls normally usually, then today started going around on her hands and feet 🙃😂🙃😂 think they're trying to figure out walking x

@Mia haha bless 🤣 yeah I was convinced she wasn’t even going to bother crawling because she’s just more interested in pulling herself up & standing up! It’s so funny the way they just do their little things isn’t it lol x

When My LO started crawling she was crawling in a similar way to urs after a while she did start to crawl normally.

My daughter used to crawl like that, and would swing her other leg under! Was her crawling style til she walked 😆. My son now is a ‘traditional’ hands&knees crawler, they all do it differently!

Yep my daughter did this for ages then one day just got up on all 4s and crawled ‘normally’

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