Sunset scaries

I’m a new mum to a 5 week old baby! Lately I’ve noticed my mood instantly changes when the sun is setting/reduced daylight. I start I feel super low and anxious. I love my baby with my all but she wasn’t planned so I feel overwhelmed with the lifestyle changes. I used to be career oriented, go out and about loads, gym, loved dressing up , holidays etc. now my entire personality and life has changed and struggling to cope with changes. All these thoughts start festering during sunset. When does it get better or will I end up feeling resentful and lost?
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I had this, I think sometimes it was more the fear of the night for me knowing I would have minimal sleep and everyone else will be sleeping so I wouldn’t really have anyone to reach out too 😅 Your hormones are still all over the place, this is very common and it honestly does get better! You’re still in the trenches at the moment but it won’t be long before you can go back to doing those things 🤍

My little girl is 6 weeks old now. I'm a first time mum and a full time student in my final year. Before I found out I was pregnant I was working 3 jobs and volunteering too. I was always on the go and was doing something. Me and my partner would go out loads. We were both really active and I was at the healthiest I'd ever been. I really struggled with the concept of having a baby during the pregnancy as she wasn't planned and but wasn't unplanned if that makes sense. I'm only just coming to terms with it all and am so ready to get back to my fitness routine maybe with some adjustments for her. I've been under the care of the perinatal team for about 4 months now and still speak to them regularly. It's a really big adjustment and a total life change and I really do get where you're coming from. I think once you've established a proper routine for baby and yourself, you'll start to feel a bit more you again. Happy to chat or meet up if you're in my area, just drop me a message ❤️ you got this mama ❤️

This is normal 🩷 night fear. I really struggled to eat my dinner. It does pass, honestly. I was exactly the same x

@Elle yesss it’s the fear of the night with minimal sleep! My baby is super awake and so fussy from 4-11am so I get absolutely no sleep during this period it’s exhausting. When did it get easier for you? X

@Ebony I’m sorry you’re going through this, sounds like we’re on the same boat! I think it will take a bit of time for us to accept and adjust but we got this mamaaa 💪🏽 If you can leave your baby with someone for an hour or so you can get back into fitness now! have you tried talking therapy or joining any new mum groups? I’ve been considering doing these but I just have zero energy right now. I hope things get easier for you soon, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Unfortunately I’m nowhere near your area 🙁 x

@Alice same! At first I struggled to even eat dinner or keep hydrated but slowly I’m getting better. When did it start feeling better for you ? X

My baby was born in Jan and I’d say the night fear only really lasted a few weeks. It’s the unknown of what the night has in store for you isn’t it. But to know so many people experience it was comforting for me. You will find your own flow and you’ll be fine I promise x

I’m still struggling with this at 3 weeks. To the extent my partner does more nights currently because my mental health takes a dive bomb! x

I feel this. It’s my second and I’m worse this time around as last time me and my partner did ‘shifts’ and gave the other one a few hours sleep. This time, he gets up with our toddler so I do most of the night things and I’m still breastfeeding in the night so it’s sooo lonelyyyy! 🙃 dread it. Spend my night waiting for the cry! X

I was under NHS talking therapies but they discharged my really quickly after I mentioned perinatal. Tbh they weren't much help. I currently don't have loads of free time for mum and baby groups due to uni work. Hopefully in a few weeks I'll have more time to be able to go to some

I am exactly the same, once it hits about 7pm I feel super down and anxious and rarely ever have dinner because of it. I think once we get into a better routine it will help but totally feel your pain here 😞 glad to know that it will pass!

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