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I was never a maternal person. Never sure I wanted a child but am so glad I did and would not change it for the world. Husband is now talking about a second one am I being the same as the first one? How do you know if you’re ready for another…. Thanks! :)
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I had my first and he came with his own unique challenges, "special needs" some might say and I wasn't sure if I could handle another child. Part of me was afraid for the safety of an infant, but mostly it was whether I had the patience. It's so much responsibility, kids are expensive and right now everything is SO expensive in the world! I can see why one would question having a baby or another baby. When it comes to your own personal reasons, only you will know if you have it in you. The patience, willingness to learn patience as I had to and still am always working towards. I know I have enough love for the 3 babies I brought into this topsy turvy Wonderland! Lol What do you think when you look at your life now? When you look at your living situation and finances? When you look into your heart is there room?

Finances think we’d struggle but we would be ok. This is what I’m worried about I’ve got a very good little girl and everything is smooth sailing. I’m worried about the balance changing. I love my girl with all my heart.

Well, things will change for sure. Things will change with or without another child. Every pregnancy, birth and individual child is different. As individuals they go through phases and puberty. Sometimes they won't behave as you're used to them behaving and that's because change is difficult sometimes. Change can also be exciting! It's an adjustment period and there's a learning curve for sure!

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