Baby girl is here!

My baby girl was supposed to be due August 1st but because of being type 1 diabetic and considered a high risk pregnancy she came early! It was a total surprise. One appointment turned into a hospital stay, which turned into having a c section. She was born on June 9th, so almost 2 months ahead of schedule, she is staying in the NICU for now but is doing so well and is getting stronger by the day! The doctors are all so shocked with just how well she is doing. I just want to thank all of you ladies for any support, suggestions, and advice I was given!! We moms need to stick together and this app has helped me so much❤️
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Omg, mama she is BEAUTIFUL!! We are due date twins, and our girl will be here early too (scheduled c-section for early July). If you'd like to connect feel free to message me ❤️ we will have a NICU baby too - you are so strong and amazing!!

Congratulations!! Praying for a speedy recovery and for baby girl to have a short NICU stay!

Congratulations, mama! She is beautiful 😍

Congratulations!! She is beautiful! It’s so crazy to think the baby in my belly is likely right around that big. So glad she is doing so well!! 💜

Congratulations !!!!

She’s beautiful!! I hope she continues to do well and you guys can take her home 😊

congratulations!! she is so so beautiful and you are radiating!😍🥹

Congratulations mama!

Omg 😱 she’s so cute


Thank you guys!! I love the support and she is doing so well! All the nurses are very surprised and I know she'll be home sooner than later 🥰


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