For the mums that are giving their lo finger food instead of purree. Do they have teeth? Might sound like a daft question but I'm still terrified even when I gibe mine melt puffs. She often tries to put the whole thing in her mouth She absolutely loves her food but has no teeth yet so just scared that she will choke.
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My wee one eats everything and has no teeth, the hard gums do the job just as well! If you go onto solid starts page they tell you how to cut everything up to reduce choking. The windpipe is around the size of your pinky finger and the gag reflex moves most things forward before choking occurs. Gagging is a natural process in weaning. My wee one has toast, pasta, fresh fruit, veg etc

Just give softer finger foods, Pancakes, omelettes, pastries x

Thank you, is there any apps you could suggest that might help with options or how to serve

I use baby led weaning cookbook, also have insta. Find them easy and tells how to serve depending on age x

My LG only has 2 teeth and she eats everything. Toast, sandwich, fruit, veg, biscuits, cheese etc, their gums are super hard so they’ll learn to chew with just that until the teeth come through. I know it’s a bit scary the first time but just dive in and it will be fine! Our LG gagged a couple of time on her first couple of meals then nothing since

Solid starts app & they are also on instagram, definitely worth looking at x

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