Crawling / playpen suggestions

Any December/ November babies started crawling or standing up yet?? And suggestions for a playpen please
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Yes! Mine has been crawling nearly a month and he's not even 6 months yet 🙃 it's a fun game of wheres he going to be when I come back in the room 🤦🏼‍♀️ also absolutely cannot leave him on the sofa or bed (not that I did that much anyway but sometimes used to run to the other room). I bought a cheap paddling pool with blankets in and he plays in that whilst I'm making bottles/having something to eat. He does try and pull himself over it but it works for keeping him away from edges and radiators x

@Katie That’s great, has he sat down as well? lovely idea, love it but is it big enough if he crawls around quickly 🤔. I’m worried because I have a large play mat and baby is always outside the playmat and attempting to go under the sofa etc.. started sitting down today but to one side, not completely/full sitting position if you get what I mean.

He does that too, sitting and then leans over and either falls or gets himself onto his tummy. He doesn't crawl fast enough yet that it's been an issue, he does army crawls and then up on his knees and then rolls or turns. Also he'll whinge/cry out when he gets to the side. I had a friend who used pool noodles around a playmat so there was more space but created a small barrier to encourage them to turn around?

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