Terrible sleeper!

I want to know if I’m the only one in the situation. My little boys sleep has always been challenging since the 4 month sleep regression, we just never came back from it. He cannot self settle to sleep, his sleep cues are tricky to read so we’ve either rocked (he fights being rocked and ends up screaming until he gives in and falls asleep which upsets me because it feels like a battle) or bf to sleep. He sleeps in bed next to me at night and will wake up every two hours until I go to bed and then unless something is bothering him such as teething, he will then help himself to boob and I don’t hear a peep from him all night. Nap times are the same and it’s hard to get him down. We don’t usually get long periods of sleep, an hour if I’m lucky. On days when I’m working and he’s with the childminder; he doesn’t nap at all because she can’t get him to sleep and it concerns me that he’s missing day time naps. However, when I pick him up he’s happy in but I can tell he’s definitely tired. I guess what I want to know is am I the only one in this situation? Should I be concerned when my boy doesn’t nap in the day? Is his poor sleep behaviour a sign something is wrong?
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My daughter has been a terrible sleeper since she was born, she wakes every 2 hrs, her naps are all over the place. Today she napped for a total of 15 minutes (she’s fast asleep now) but the past 2 weeks she’s not fallen asleep till gone midnight I’m absolutely drained! I’m also 15 weeks pregnant so she needs to sleep better before this baby arrives 😫

You’re definitely not alone! My LO has woken up at least hourly since 4 mo, a 2 hour stretch is anazing for us! That’s unless I bring her into bed, then she’ll sleep no problem and latch on herself through the night. You’re definitely not doing anything wrong in responding to your baby, I think a lot of it is to do with temperament and different children having different sleep needs xx

My girl is an awful sleeper. Wakes up constantly over night.

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