Purées /formula question

Sorry for the stupid question but i am a bit overwhelmed with weaning and was wondering if someone did this and if is okay..I just made a broccoli puree for my little one to freeze and have maybe one pot tomorrow..i added some formula leftover from his bottle to the puree and now i’m thinking if i defrost tomorrow a pot..(which will probably take 1-2 hours)would that formula be off in the puree? can make him sick? how is everyone adding milk to puree?
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I don’t think you can add/freeze formula, definitely not left over as bacteria will now be on that bottle/milk. If you want to add formula to the purées, you can make a bottle in advance (make as normal then keep in fridge, it’s good for 24hrs) pour out what you want from it, put the remaining back in the fridge, warm it up then add it that way 🥰 everything related to motherhood is overwhelming, you’re doing an amazing job! X

@Adelle Thank you so much for replying 🤍will do another one 🙏 my brain started to question this after i finished cooking and freeze everything 🫣

@Vanesa no problem! That may be best 🙈🤣 we all make mistakes. At least you questioned it and didn’t give bubba it! Xx

I did mine fresh, just made 1 oz formula in a bottle then added it in. You could freeze the broccoli and then add formula once defrosted. That would also make it a good temperature I reckon 😊 It is overwhelming for sure!

@Katie Thank you ☺️ i don’t know why i haven’t done that from the beginning 🫣, make so much sense 🙏

From 6 months you can also start to use full fat cows milk in babies food to get them used to it

@Emma-louise would you boil it first and then add to puree for example? or straight from the jar?xx

@Vanesa you can do it straight from the from the fridge but has to be blue top milk So for example you can add it to porridge for baby and either hest it or do it cold

@Emma-louise Thank you 🙏

I never thought about this but it makes so much sense now that you’ve mentioned it. I add breast milk in to mine and freeze it. Wonder if it’s the same like should I be adding the milk after to make sure it’s not spoilt

@Naomi i think the breastmilk is better as is usually lasts longer even in the fridge or outside but formula unfortunately not..so i bin my purees 🫣😅

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