Baby stopped smiling at me 😢

So the last 2 days my baby has been being looked after mostly by her grandmother while I’ve had some work but I’ve been seeing her between meeting and she’s stopped smiling at me. She’s smiling loads at her dad, grandmother and even someone she’s never met before but everytime I come over and say hi she stares at me very seriously. She’s 3 1/2 months old and has been smiling at me loads before this.
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Lol yes! My one gives me evils if I give her to someone else to hold! The good news is she'll come round as soon as you have a bit more one to one time together! X

Hahaha she’s mad at you! No I don’t think she is she’s probably just going through a phase. Mine ALWAYS smiles at daddy. He always gets the biggest smiles.

Yea mine too, although apparently that's because they don't see their dad so much and they're just happy to see someone else after a whole day of being with us 😂 that was supposed to make u feel better but not sure it reads that way! Xxx

You are feeling guilty! Don’t. She will be fine, keep loving her and enjoy your precious time with her.

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