Anyone else around 7 weeks and is just exhausted all day? I can’t do anything. I’m literally on the sofa all day and really struggling to work. I don’t want to complain just asking if anyone has any idea on how to help this?
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I’m 10+ 1 and I’m more exhausted than I was at 7 weeks 😫 feeling exactly how you are.

We know you aren’t complaining lovely 🤗 it’s good to share. I’ve been same. One week I had a nap every single day. Luckily it was half term. Some days are worse than others ❤️

I'm definitely exhausted some days more than others where I just want to curl up in bed all day and sleep xxxx

You and me both. Plus some days I have a horrible mood 🙁

Yep ditto. Ive had some annual leave this week and napped at least once for the last few days and no idea how I’ll go back to not doing that 😂

Thank you girls, we’re all in the same club 🤪 lots of love and healthy pregnancy to you all 💗

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