Just trying to educate myself on the different types of induction that there are. Have I missed any?.

Hormone drip ARM - artificial rupture of membranes (water broken) Sweep Balloon Pessary
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There are also rods which are non hormonal, they are inserted to gradually stretch the cervix

I had a gel applied to my cervix, it’s hormonal like the pessary to induce dilation

I came in for an induction on Monday and I've been having a combination of sweeps and the gel every 6 hours 3 times a day with a rest from like 3am-2pm (I just started at an awkward time so get my last really early haha) came in at 38+5 on Monday at 12pm by 10pm Tuesday night I was dilated enough and reached a high enough number on the bishops scale to have my waters broken so just waiting on labour and delivery to have space been able to have a sleep and get energy back up On arrival I was 1cm after 2 sweeps the week before and cervix was thick but soft and the length had shortened already so it was mainly just getting cervix to thin and open up more

If you're interested in an induction though make sure you are preparing for it beforehand, get walking, bouncing on a ball, drinking raspberry leaf tea etc. makes it a little easier

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