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I am due in July and want to try breastfeeding. Should I buy a breast pump before baby arrives incase he has trouble latching?
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I'm due in September and purchased a breast pump! I think it's good in case baby has trouble latching, and also if you ever need to sleep or do something and have someone else feed baby then it could be helpful to have some milk that you've pumped already

I've had the momcozy s12 pro and the spectra and to be honest the my just gather dust. When I do pump I usually go to the medella manual hand pump just because its so easy. There wasn't any point in buying an expensive one as we do breastfeed.

It's definitely helpful to have a breast pump if you want to build a supply and have others assist you with feedings. If you're in the US and have insurance, you're eligible for a free breast pump.

I didn't before birth then ordered a fairly cheap double wireless one on amazon prime before leaving hospital! Now 3 months old and I've had the momcozy s12 pros for about a week now too but my LG has a tongue tie that we're waiting to get cut so I'm pumping to give her top ups. They'll come in handy after it's cut too to allow me to go out/do things. We started one pumped bottle in the morning quite early on that Dad gives her so I can get ready/they can bond so the handfree helps at 5am when I'm too tired to hold the pump and I can sit back and close my eyes. It'll come in handy when I go back to work too. Maybe go for a cheaper one to start then if you need a handfree or more expensive one you can invest then.

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