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I'm breastfeeding at night more now than ever before 😭 sometimes every hour or two. Sleep was getting better then he got sick and its been like a month of this its crazyyyy, were going on 14 months now. Please tell me I'm not alone and it passes
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So much solidarity! Mine is 11 months and she's literally up every 1 to 2 hours. She wasn't even like this as a newborn!! And then I see other people post how their kid sleeps for 12 hours a night and I'm like 😭

I’m not as far as yall. Only 2 months but definitely my reality! The other day. He stayed latched me for three hours! He’s sick 🥺

Same same same! My lg is almost 10months and she wants to feed every 1-2 hours still, it feels never ending as she's always done this , we had the odd night where she only fed every 3 hours which felt like a massive treat for me! 😴

I feel you! But first, well done on your bf journey :) I know how taxing it is, especially at night. For me, it did get better with time. Depending on the week, I can be getting up 1-2x a night with my 19mo, or even doing full nights. Toddlers grow so much and so fast, every few weeks will be a different experience. Wishing you more rest! Take care 💕

Hey. I was right there with you every two hours. My girl had all the mouth ties. We revised the just after her first birthday and in the first night she slept an extra 30 m mins by night two I was having to waking her up (you have to wake then every 4 hour to do wound care) still not sleeping through the night yet but instead of every 2 hours she's up at 11 30 3am and maybe 6 but I can usually convince her stuggle back to sleep for an extra hour

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