Refusing milk

How much cows milk should a 15m old be having? He started refusing his morning bottle - prefers water at 12 months and this week has started refusing his bedtime bottle, he’s barely even having an oz. He has dairy in his diet other ways such as cereal/yoghurt/cheese. Is anybody in the same situation or have any advice?
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There is no need for milk. As long as they have other forms of dairy it's OK. The recommendation is a MAXIMUM of 24oz daily.

As above as long as they're getting calcium in other forms it's ok. I wish my girl would drink water, she still won't even hold her milk bottle for a drink even though she can! She just nestles into my arm and holds her hands out for it then cuddles away and drinks. I've tried different cups etc and she won't drink anything but milk and only if we hold the bottle for her

Leonie I am in same boat tried every cup, beaker on the market he just won't take juice or water. He will only have his three bottles of milk a day. Trying to reduce 2nd bottle but hard as he's not taking any other liquids. Know I should be trying to wean bottles out but what you supposed to do if won't take anything liquid wise

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