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Went for a 30 week midwife appointment last Friday, had to go for a follow up scan yesterday as she was measuring small. They’re saying she is in the 4th centile. She had been in the 50th centile at 27 week midwife appointment so it’s quite a drop. I feel sick to my stomach and genuinely think I’ve done something wrong or caused this. Has this happened to any one else? Is there anything I can be doing to help her? Does anyone know if it’s like I will be induced early if this continues? I was left with little to no information except for “a doctor will call you” and the internet is such a minefield of contradictory information I don’t know what to think. Any advice or previous experience stories would be appreciated! X
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Don't quote me, but I believe if they should give you growth scans every 2 weeks up until 38 weeks and if baby is still measuring small by 36-38 weeks you get induced at 38 or earlier if required. But if baby grows to the right weight by 36 weeks then they'll just monitor you and might suggest induction but you don't have to go for it, as long as baby is well.

Okay, first off stop googling. That's not me being rude, it's just the advice that I can say that will ease your mind, because google is ridiculous and will tell you crazy things. As a 3rd time mama, I have heard that sentence all 3 times. And as the two babies outside of the womb would say, they are perfectly fine. My 3rd is still cooking but I have chalked it up as that I just make small babies. I went from 50th percentile to the 6th with this baby. And from experience, you may or may not be induced, you may or may not just go in for extra scans to make sure baby is developing correctly, and you may or may not have a NICU stay. It really depends on baby. It's nothing that your doing wrong, so don't think that. Our bodies are growing babies, and there's really nothing you can do on the outside that would stop or slow down growing on the inside.

Bear in mind that bump measurements can be very inaccurate so although she was 50th centile at your 27 week appointment if that was without a scan it probably isn’t a case of that she’s dropped centiles a lot and more the way she was laying or even if you were bloated etc. the scans are more accurate but even then they’re not 100%. If baby stays small there’s a chance they will induce early but there is still plenty of time for that centile to change so try not to worry too much just yet and see what the doctor says when they call. They’ll likely have you going for regular growth scans to monitor her growth but that’s a good thing because if they see any issues then can address them

Just make sure you're staying hydrated, that's super important, eating good foods and getting a little bit of exercise and your doing what you can to maintain that growing baby.

Also want to mention my sister in law had a 5lb full term baby, and there is no worry about his growth at 4 months old.

@Ash agree with this, just because they’re born small doesn’t always mean they’ll have issues. My partners niece was born at 5lb5 but now at 4months she’s very chunky and bigger than what my baby was at 4months old despite being born on the 50th centile

If it helps, I’ve just been admitted for a similar problem, although the baby was already small but has dropped more and they think it could be a placenta issue. Did they put you on an ecg after the scan? That’s what they did with me and monitored the baby this way and told me to stay. Hopefully all ok for you! Would stay off googling I’m purposely not googling anything (granted I’m panicking and crying anyway) but trying not to think of the worst. I would take comfort in the fact if they didn’t decide to keep you in the hospital then they must not be too concerned, anyway hope you/the baby is all ok! Xx

My first baby was born on the 9th centile but he’s had no problems at all and always fed really well, now at 17 months he’s slim and tall but on the 50th centile. Babies come in all different sizes and I think some are just naturally smaller. Also with being induced, it’s all just advice, you are the one that gets to make the decision about whether you want to be induced or not. I’m having growth scans for this baby (first scan on Friday) but won’t be accepting to be induced unless it’s really necessary and there’s something wrong, not just because they think the baby is on the small side xx

I’m in a similar situation to you - baby has dropped from 86th - 16th centile. They will offer you weekly / fortnightly scans to make sure there is enough blood flow, placenta is working as it should & track if baby is growing at all. Potentially they may want to deliver earlier. The way I have managed the anxiety is every day/ week that goes by, baby is getting stronger 🩷xxx

Both fundal height and growth scans can be inaccurate so don't worry too much. They said my first born would be 90th from the growth scans and he was born 50th

I'm currently pregnant (33 weeks tomorrow) with a baby who is growth restricted. I've been having scans every 2 weeks and have just booked my induction for 37+2. My baby is currently 2nd percentile

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