Eating on holiday

Hi everyone! At the end of this month we're going away to Centre Parcs. We'll be doing a mix of eating out and eating at our lodge and whilst there is a big supermarket on the way we're going to stop at, I don't want to be buying a load of new ingredients and ending up with loads of stuff to take back home. Any recommendations for what I can make when I'm cooking away? My LO is a good eater and 11 months
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Jacket potatoes? fajitas?

We recently did 2 months of vacation with my LO. We used to make some veggies like broccoli, mushrooms etc or an omelette and carry with us and ordered stuff at restaurants that he could have off our plate. E.g I just took the sauce off pasta/noodles or bread from the bread basket or even asked if they could make a dish without salt and I just added extra salt on top for me.

Or also did loads of fruit and limited amounts of readymade meals and snacks from baby section

Brill, thanks to you both 👍🏻

We recently went to CP and I prepped some bits beforehand like pancakes, pinwheels, quiche etc, for lunches on the go or in the lodge. He had things like toast and scrambled egg for breakfast, or cereal. Then took lots of fruit and yoghurts, and Little Dish or Annabel Karmel meals for the evenings. So I wasn’t always cooking! It worked out really well

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