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Hi, I’ve been referred to the c section team at KGH for a planned c section. I was just wondering if anyone else has opted for this and if they only perform the surgery on certain days? TIA :)
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I’ve got an elective c section with kettering on friday x

Hey, I had sections with both of mine first was emergency second was planned. It’s weekdays they do planned sections xx

@Tegan I hope Friday is their day! It’s my sisters prom on the Thursday when I’m 39 weeks, so I’m hoping I still get to see her off😅 x

I had an emergency c section that was on a Friday and a planned c section and that was on a Monday if that helps x

I had a planned c section on a Monday, all went very smoothly, I had a really good experience, good luck! X

@Stacie they also asked me during the consultation if I had a preferred day for my c section so you may have the opportunity to ask for the day you want x

They do them every week day so could be any! X

I’ve had 4 emergency csections at kgh and all been brilliant with me my last one not so much as i haemorrhage twice

I had my c section on a Friday at kgh but could be any day, they was brilliant and made the whole experience so relaxing, good luck 🥰x

I had one 13 days ago. They do it Monday-Friday and save the weekend for emergency cases. My initial planned date was Monday 10th June, it was moved forward to Thursday 30th May.

I had mine on a Wednesday. The theatre team were amazing, especially the anaesthetist, It’s a nice relaxing experience, so try not to worry. Good Luck 🤗

They only perform them on week days I believe. I have one booked for a couple weeks time at KGH. You’re normally in and out after 24 hours.

I had my son via emergency on a Monday evening. They don’t tend to do planned ones in the evenings

Planned one on a tuesday 2 years ago they were brilliant with me hope all goes well xx

Thanks everyone! Glad to see most people had positive experiences too! Most of my family members have been trying to put me off by telling me absolute horror stories about c sections😭 I still haven’t heard from the c section team yet, but fingers crossed the ball gets rolling soon! X

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