How to increase supply?

I am really struggling on how to increase my supply! Nothing seems to be working! I pump or breastfeed every 3 hours or so and when pumping I can’t seem to get it to increase…sometimes it is 120ml or 60ml…baby is now needing 140ml. I cannot keep up. I feel like constantly drinking or snacking and taking breastfeeding vitamins. Baby is 7 weeks Any tips please?
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Try power pumping for one session - 3 days in a row - so you’ll do your regular pump (20 mins), then wait 10 mins, pump 10 mins, wait 10, pump another 10 mins. You might not get much during the subsequent pumps but you’re telling your body that more is needed! You can also do it a couple times a day but I feel that can feel a bit “much” - also bubs might slow down their intake too! Mine was taking 120/130 ml and now at 10 weeks is down to 100

Are you feeding on demand or scheduling feeds? Are you pace feeding? Which pump?

If you are pumping in between nursing sessions, .5-2oz is a normal output.

Piggybacking on what Chanel said / is there any reason why you think your bubs is not getting enough? Are they still hungry after a feed and/or not weighing what they should be?

@Atena yeah he seems starving after a breastfeeding session and we have to top up with a bottle of breastmilk. He was tongue tied which has now been fixed. He was breastfeeding for an hour the other day and still wanted a full feed via bottle afterwards 🙁

@Chanel yep feeding on demand and we pace feed when he has a bottle, I use the momcozy m5

Lots of fluids, coconut water, beer etc. skin to skin and contact naps can help regulate let downs too.

Breast feed without pumping at all for 2 days, your supply will match your babies need very quickly. Feed every 1.5 hours

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