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Hey I just wanted to ask everyone how many bottles per day your little one is having. Mine 9 months old girl is on 2 bottles. First after she wakes up and second before bed. She is on 7oz bottle and lately she doesn’t finishes it and most of the time she is leaving 2oz. I tried to give her 3rd bottle in middle of the day and she refuses. Is that normal? How many are you having?
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My boy is having 6 bottles of 6 Oz in 24 hours.

3-4 ish. It’s usually every 3-4 hours and she has roughly 4oz. Sometimes less because she gets too distracted so that’s why she has more and then she has a couple at night also 4 oz

Hey, my little boy is down to 3 bottles but sometimes completely refuses his bedtime bottle. He is eating three solid meals a day, but I can’t help but feel worried that he’s not having enough milk. So following this to see what others are doing! Xx

3 9oz bottles a day and 3 meals😊

4 x 8oz bottles over 24 hours and 2 meals

Combo feeding 4 x 5oz bottles 2-3 x breast feed

4 8oz bottles x

@Alice I have the same feeling, worried about that she is not getting enough of milk. But she seems so happy. We are also on 3 meals a day and she drinks her water/tea and that’s like 4-5oz/day. I don’t know if I really should force her to take more milk or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

4 x 8oz bottles a day. At this age they should be having atleast 20 ounces a day I believe x

My little one is on 3 to 4 7oz /8oz a day but really only drinking 3. At bedtime I do offer an 8oz but often he doesn't drink it. Today he has had a good formula day 6oz 7oz 2oz 8oz.

5 8oz bottles, 2 meals and lots of snacks at this point, however the last few days he’s showing less of an interest in his 4pm feed and after drinking about 6oz, he twists the bottle open and pours it out 🙃

We have 2x6oz bottles that he also doesn't always finish then randomly he'll have an extra bottle at about 2:30 😂

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