Double surge?

So I think I’ve had a double surge this month, it was high on CD10 (which usually is around this day) and now I’ve had a new high on CD17, but it has continued to be high for 5 days. This this strange? Also if it was a double surge would this push my next period back or would I need to wait longer to do a pregnancy test?
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Hmm 🤔 I’d say either your first surge didn’t result in ovulation and your body may be trying again, although 7 day gap seems long but I’m no expert. OR you’re pregnant! 😱 does it normally stay high like that the days following cd10? *edit to add: if it is a second attempt at ovulation then your period would be later yes xx

I agree with the last comment. Either your body tried to ovulate and failed so tried again or your pregnant as I kept getting high readings when I was pregnant with my son. Also yes it will probably push you to have a later period xx

I would get the clear blue digital ovulation test. It will give you the timeframe for when you are about to ovulate so you can BD. Also, try BBT. There will be a change in temp from your follicular to your luteal phase. It will help you pin point when you are normally ovulating each cycle . You can get one online or like target. How long are your cycles normally? If you ovulated on cycle day 18 you should expect to be pregnant or have your period by day 32.

@Jo I don’t want to get my hopes up yet! Can’t take a pregnancy test for a while yet🤞🏻 tbh I don’t know if it stays high after CD10, I don’t have much previous data to go off!

@Leah 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Here is some info on cycle types, some women do get multiple peaks and it's likely your second set of highs will have a peak, which would set your period back

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