Hormones or do I want to leave my partner?

I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my second. I feel like I’ve faced most this pregnancy on my own due to my OH working away and going to a football tournament abroad etc. I feel really guilty but I’ve hated this pregnancy.. I had two miscarriages last year and was desperate for another baby and feel bad that I’m wishing this time away when I should feel so much more grateful. But I can’t handle the emotional rollercoaster. I honestly feel like I hate my fiancé. To be honest, he hasn’t been overly great at helping me out with our little girl and I’ve had little to no rest.. I’m still working but still do everything on my own, food shop, mow the lawn, put our daughter to bed, feed everyone. I don’t feel like I’ve been looked after much. I’ve made it clear I’ve struggled this time round. I’m still teaching dance but my legs are in so much pain from varicose veins and all I needed was for him to come home from work and let me have 5 minutes before he did stuff for himself. I’ve had an absolute breakdown this evening in which I’ve told him I don’t want to be with him anymore - this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve said it when feeling overwhelmed - but part of me thinks that I actually mean it this time. I love him but do I really mean this or is it just my hormones and general hate for my current pregnancy state? Help a mama out…
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I hated mine. Gave birth. Waited 3 months and made the decision to leave. I can’t say if you really mean it or not and neither can you. I’d wait to make a rational decision without all the hormones and pain. Until then, day by day. Stay in gratitude..remember baby isn’t in your arms yet, what’s here today isn’t promised tomorrow. Don’t let your hormones cloud what you wanted. I know it all too well!

Honestly if you’re both working, fair is fair you both need a break. And you teaching dance whilst pregnant, well done for you to do that because it is physically demanding. It could be hormones. I changed when I was pregnant and it was during my second trimester where I was just irritated all the time even though my situation was different to yours I could instantly tell that I wasn’t feeling myself. If you could recognise that maybe you also feel that way it may enable you to handle things better when overwhelmed. There’s no judgement but your partner may start having trust issues with you if you say you don’t want to be with him yet stay. That will cause damage to your relationship and possibly more issues. Telling him this would help but it seems like you already have. Possibly give an ultimatum how about he looks after daughter these days or these hours and what not or he does more housework and lets you relax when you need it or you guys break up/take a break

Mowing the lawn??? Girl , no! What does his day look like?

Can you get a cleaner to help out? Sometimes minor issues can seem big when hormones are raging xx

As long as he's not cheating, lying, beating. If he's a good person with annoying habits then aren't we all hey 🙂

@Ramsy seems like he’s not even offering help anywhere. That’s not a good man

If he’s not even trying to help or be better, I would leave. Especially if you’ve threatened to leave before. He’s not going to change, and you can keep threatening all you want, but it’s obviously not doing anything to him. I think you need to show him in some way that you’re serious about doing this on your own if he doesn’t step up

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