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Just wondering how long your LO’s final wake window is? We’ve been doing roughly 3,5 hours, if naps have been okay. But the past few nights he’s been so hard to get down. Goes down for naps absolutely fine but not bed time! He’s rubbing his eyes so I know he’s tired but he’s not having it 😂
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We worked with a sleep coach with our first and using same advice / guide with our now 9 month old. They say that the last wake window should be the shortest with it being the end of the day and tiredness building up. Our wake windows currently are: - 2 hours 40 mins between first wake and first nap - her nap is then usually 90 minutes - 3.5 hours between first and second nap and that nap can be anything from 40-90 mins, if it’s on the shorter side we bring bedtime much earlier, but then the wake window is about 3 hours (sometimes a little less) x

That’s interesting, thank you. I think we need to experiment with that last wake window!

We are averaging 4 hours for the last one

3-3.5 for the first, 3.5 for the second, then 4 for the last

Ours get longer as day goes on. My LO is usually down for a nap 2 hours after getting up, next wake window about 3/3.5 hours and the last one can be as long as 5 hours! He’s dropped the third nap but the wake windows haven’t really changed, he’s just managing to stay awake longer somehow 😂

We are averaging 2.5 before first nap, 3 before second nap, then the final wake window is around 4.5 hours. We've tried shortening it, but he just isn't ready for sleep!

Thank you. Going to try longer tonight and see how that goes!

@Laura-May we do pretty much exactly the same 😂

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