I’m getting married in 3 weeks and not sure if I should get my guy a wedding gift. If so, what would Yall recommend?
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I didn't get my husband a gift when we got married and he didn't get one for me either. We paid for each other's rings (before combining bank accounts) and those were expensive, so that was the gift I guess 😂

You are the gift . Save your money . Weddings are already expensive

A naughty sex toy or outfit for you

I got my husband an engraved wedding box for his ring. Also some sexy boxers. Congratulations to you!

so men give the girl an engagement ring both pay for each others wedding bands and usually the bride buys him a watch as a gift to wear on the wedding day- if you’re looking to be traditional

I got my husband a nice watch

I did a cute little “wedding day survival box” that had different things and snacks to get him through the day

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